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My name is Dylan, and I have:

=> Served 200+ SMMA clients with my first Agency (Wilson Media)

=> Recognized as Top Young Entrepreneur Under 40 In My Region (2021)

=> Scaled from $0-$22k/mo in 5 weeks with my Second Agency (Outwork Media)

And now, my partner Alex and I currently generate $50,000-$60,000 (personal, take home profit) per month by investing & partnering with $100,000 Agencies inside Relentless Success Club

(Kinda like, but for SMMA)

So therefore, my selfish, greedy intentions are to scale you up to $100,000 so you may consider partnering with me one day and we can make money together

Which is why I give you these FREE courses

Inside this course you will get step-by-step help to:

=> Choose a highly profitable niche

=> Craft an irresistible offer

=> Write high converting outreach scripts

=> Convince strangers to show up to a sales meeting like clockwork

=> Sell your first SMMA client

=> Deliver outstanding client results

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