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Dylan Wilson
CEO of Relentless Success Club
Previously: Wilson Media

After dropping out of school making a measly $300/mo, Dylan had no choice but to go all in on his digital marketing business. 18 months later, he had served over 200 clients and was recognized as the top young entrepreneur in his city

Alexander Newman
COO of Relentless Success Club
Previously: Qera Marketing

Alex bought into a program that left him broke. With his back against the wall, he had no choice but to start making money. With this motivation, he started "outreaching to outreach" and scaled his appointment setting business to over $15,000/mo before turning 16

Stefan Van De Vlassaker
CEO of VDV Visions

After a taste of the "rat race", Stefan dropped out of university and his job at the bank to pursue SMMA full time. A short few months later him and his agency are serving dozens of clients alongside his team. In addition to this, Stefan has built communities and become a thought leader.


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