Get your first (or next) smma client by sending 250-500  messages

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How To Get Your First SMMA Client by sending 250-500 Messages

Okay well since you are so "important and busy" that you can't afford to waste time watching the video that explains everything in detail, I'll explain how this "scam" works the old fashion way...

Now, do you really want to get your first SMMA client?

Or do you want to be able to look everyone who doubts you in the eye (including yourself) and say…

“Fuck you… I told you I could do it”

Either way, through this challenge there is statistically a very high chance this becomes your reality within the next 2 weeks

I say that, because on average….

=> 81% of participants complete the challenge & get their first client

=> 98% of participants who
follow all the steps get their first client

=> The average time from starting the challenge to getting first client is 13.84 days 

=> Entrepreneurs from everywhere EXCEPT Antarctica have got their first client

=> Our youngest finisher was 13, and our oldest was 62


Now, I have to admit it...

I am yet another guru who drives a BMW to fulfill my ego while making money from people like you on the internet :(

But, the good news is that I don’t want your money (yet)

My name is Dylan, and I have:

=> Served 200+ SMMA clients with my first Agency (Wilson Media)

=> Recognized as Top Young Entrepreneur Under 40 In My Region (2021)

=> Scaled from $0-$22k/mo in 5 weeks with my Second Agency (Outwork Media)

And now, my partner Alex and I currently generate $50,000-$60,000 (personal, take home profit) per month by investing & partnering with $100,000 Agencies inside Relentless Success Club

(Kinda like Acquisition.com, but for SMMA)

So therefore, my selfish, greedy intentions are to scale you up to $100,000 so you may consider partnering with me one day and we can make money together

Which is why I launched the First Client Challenge

Inside the FCC, you get 24/7, 1 on 1 support from three 6 figure SMMA owners holding your hand through every step until you get your first SMMA client

We will be with you as you:

=> Choose a highly profitable niche

=> Craft an irresistible offer

=> Write high converting outreach scripts

=> Convince strangers to show up to a sales meeting like clockwork

=> Sell your first SMMA client

=> Deliver outstanding client results

Oh… and this intensive challenge that has a higher success rate than any “guru’s program” on today’s market is FREE (kinda)

I say "kinda", because we need some commitment on your end

Without this, there would be 1000’s inside this challenge, and we would not be able to give you such intensive support to make sure you get your first client

So, in order to weed out the “wannabe entrepreneurs” we require you to place a $100 deposit which you will get back in full as soon as you complete the challenge via the payment method you used

Which sucks... I know, but if you're willing to set aside $100 for the next few weeks in exchange for launching a profitable agency, I'd love to work work with you

Sound fair enough?

"I've been in SMMA for over a year without any success. Inside RSC, I closed my first client in 25 days while living in India"
"You will definitely see the results you want, I joined with $0 and now I have clients that pay me $1000/mo - I live in the Phillippines"
"I joined 7 days ago and closed 2 paying clients already and I have 3 more clients signing this week. I've paid MUCH more for MUCH less before"
"I really struggle with discipline and didn't work very much but I still closed a client in 27 days with their easy systems"
"I tried SMMA for months without success, I joined this and got my first client in 12 days. There's 0% chance of failure if you follow there steps"
"I got my first client within a week. It is the best mentorship on the market."
"The amount of actual help I got from the coaches is insane. I closed my first client in 24 days"
"Honestly, I've been struggling for 3 years. I joined this challenge and got my first client in 2 weeks - it is amazing"
"I got my first client in 10 days - they help you with everything. Stop doubting yourself and take the step"
"They told me I should switch niches based on my situation, I listened to them and got my first client in 2 days"
"I ran my agency for 5 months with no clients. I joined this and got a client in 6 days. My only regret is how long it took me to join"
"I've been in SMMA for 4 months with no success. Inside this challenge I got my 1st client in 18 days. They help with everything A-Z"
"The psychology, accountability, and instagram mastery they teach is unmatched. If you want to leave your parents basement, join this"
"I've been in SMMA for 6 months with no success - I joined this and I got my first paying client super fast. You have nothing to lose"
"I spent $1000 on a course that got me nothing. I joined this and got my first client in 12 days and my first paid client in 30 days"
"My agency is going up, up, and up. I've tried everything in SMMA and this works. This is the best investment you can make"
"This challenge is amazing! Every question I had was personally answered. You have to do this if you want to scale your agency"
"These guys are amazing, the environment of winners is super motivating"
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