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Matt Bison: $0-$10.4k/mo in 59 days

Matt Bison was a Ex Valedictiorian and straight A student studying computer science. He overheard Dylan on an RSC call and decided it was time to take a risk and start a business. 59 Days later, he was making $10,400/mo and had finally “escaped the matrix”

Tristen thompson: $7-$28k/mo (6 weeks)

Tristen Thompson was an ex video game player who started a short form content agency serving twitch streamers. After joining RSC in late June, he worked 1 on 1 with Dylan to shatter his limiting beliefs, 20x his prices, create video sales letter and redo his sales process. As a result, he 4x'd his revenue in 6 weeks

Stefan VDV: $0-$8,600/mo

Originally growing up in the Netherlands, Stefan immigrated to Canada and spent his youth learning English and trying to adapt to his new environment. He eventually got a corporate job at a bank, but felt “confined to a box.” Eventually he was fed up, he quit his job and dropped out of school. This left him no other option but to scale his Content Agency to $8,600/mo.

Tony Le: $0-$17,000/mo (<90 Days)

Tony grew up in Vietnam and moved to Canada at the age of 10. He was out of shape, and felt like nobody understood him. This led to him dropping out of university because he “hated it.” After this, he started building his body and business. 90 days later he had crossed $17,000/mo mark.

Christian rodriguez: $0-$10,400/mo (<90 Days)

Christian is a 19 year old from Miami, USA. After a short stint in college, he decided it was not for him. His original plan was to become a realtor, but instead, decided to try marketing for realtors. This is when he first joined RSC and within 2 weeks, he signed a $2,000 deal, and by month 3 was making over $10,000/mo


Due to privacy concerns, we cannot publicly reveal this individual to people outside of RSC inner circle.

IOAN POPOV: $20k/mo in 50 days

Ioan is 22 years old and  originally from Bulgaria. Growing up with club foot, Ioan had to go through countless surgeries and relearn how to walk, all while immigrating to Canada and learning a new language. Defying the odds is apart of his personality, he became a fitness pro and scaled his short from content agency to $20k/mo in 50 days.

RILEY WILSON: $1.5k - $11k/mo (<90 Days)

Riley Wilson is 22 Years old from the US. He was “down bad” in life, and was stuck at $1.5k/mo taking freelance jobs. He knew if was time for a change, and found motivation through the community. 90 days later, he crossed $11k/mo  and says “RSC changed my life forever”.

Nick Grayson: $15,000/mo

Nick is a 22 year old entrepreneur from Tennessee, USA. He started his journey by founding an app that connected bars with customers. After this venture, Nick moved to an all in one marketing agency before finding success working with realtors. Today, Nick focuses solely on his real estate SMMA and has tripled his business since joining RSC

Jackson Williams: $0-$7k in 3 weeks

Jackson Williams is a 20 year old from California, USA. Originally starting inside the Real Estate Niche, Jackson found success by leveraging a complex cold email system. With this success, Jackson recently pivoted to installing his complex systems into other agenies and scaled to $7,000 within 3 weeks!

Martin Nikolav: A Machine (literally)

Martin is a fucking machine! At the young age of 21, Martin has already found himself to become a successful realtor, accomplished athlete, and working with some big names in the online business space through his fitness company, Optimability. In addition to being an inspiration, Martin's company has formed a partnership with RSC to provide their elite fitness services to members

Ismail barlas: $0-$17k/mo (7 Months)

Ismail was a Turkish Engineer that immigrated to Canada in his early 20’s. He wanted to start a business but kept putting it off. Finally he decided it was time to take control of his life. He quit his corporate engineering job and scaled his lead gen agency for realtors to $5,500/mo in 90 days from starting.

Emory Britt: 0-$6,700/mo (<90 Days)

Emory Britt used to feel like he was invincible. He was flying down the highway on his motorcycle one night and ended up in a crash that almost took his life. He realized  in that moment he wouldn’t be satisfied with what he had done if he had died there and then. From that point on, he decided he no longer would be the “broke buff guy” and started his email marketing agency. Fast forward 21 days, he has 5 clients and is soon getting married.

WYATT ROSELLI: 0-3 CLIENTS in 24 hours

Wyatt is 18 Year old from upstate New York (”the boonies”). He had spent the last 4 years of his life playing video games, but knew it was time for a change. He started his first agency, then quit after 2 weeks and no progress. After meeting an old friend who was seeing success, Wyatt decided to give SMMA another try. This time, he picked a niche that resonated with him and signed 3 clients within 24 hours of starting.

KANON CLARK: $0-$20k/mo in 6 Months

Kanon Clark is 23 years and from the USA. On March 31 he became the last person to join round 1 of the first client challenge. While stationed in Hawaii as a military personnel, he decided he wanted to make a change for his Wife and Kids. He started a lead gen agency and hit $2.5k/mo within 30 days of starting.

NOAH WADE: $0-$2k (6 weeks)

Noah Wade is a 16 year old from France. He hated the idea of going to college and needed to find an alternative before it was too late. He decided to start SMMa but was insecure about dealing with prospects at his age. 30 Days after starting, he hit $2k/mo and balances his agency and highschool.

IAN SINCEVICH: 6 new clients in a month

Ian is a 20 year old from the US. Realizing College wasn’t for him, he started SMMA to “hopefully quit school.” He use the “mousetrap offer” framework and signed 6 clients in 1 month of starting. He dropped out school and proved everyone who doubted him wrong.

SAID CAMUN: 12 clients at 16 years old

Said is a 16 year old from Argentina. Seeing his family struggle, he knew he needed to do make a change. Because of his age, he couldn’t work a typical job and decided to start on online business. 3 Months later, he taught himself English, signed 12+ clients and can support his family.

MATTHEW DEIGHAN: $0-$10,000/m0 (8 months)

Matthew is a 20 year old from the UK. He took a gap year, and spent 6 of his 12 months failing to land his first client. He cut the BS, and decided to invest into himself. He now has 7 active clients, of those including major hotel brand Hilton.

CHARLIE HESLIP: $0-$3,000/mo in 60 days

Charlie is a 20 year old from Canada. Studying in university, he felt like “no one get’s it.” He started his agency, and was after going 0/12 on sales calls almost quit for good. He learned how to tell better stories and has gone from 0 to $3k/mo in 60 days.

DANIEL G: $50k generated & 4 clients

Daniel is 18 years old and from the Netherlands. After learning English to start SMMA, he signed 2 free trial clients and made them over $50k. He now serves 4 paying clients


Gurshaan is a 15 year old from Australia. He was made fun of at school for his “self development”, but now makes $5.5k/mo with his content agency. His goal is to make $10k/mo so he can take his Dad on a trip to Bali.

YAROSLAV H: Failing to 4 happy clients

Yaroslav is a 16 year old from Denmark. He didn’t want to go to college so he decided start his SMMA. He had troubles contacting the US and failed service delivery for his first client. After following new frameworks and tweaking his outreach, he received a banger testimonial and nopw serves 4 paying clients.

Leo zibo: $10,000/mo at 17 years old

Leo Zibo is a 17 year old from Italy. His goal was to achieve financial freedom, but struggled to find direction and “felt alone.” After joining RSC, he had clarity on his vision and is now making over $10k/mo with his Short Form Content Agency.

KENAN S: $0-$2k in saturated niche

Kenan is 18 years old and from the Netherlands. He started in the saturated niche of car detailing and was struggling to stand out. After repositioning his offer, he has now signed 3 clients and is making $2k/mo after 60 days from starting. He also works with one of the top detailers in all of New York!

ROHIT SAIN: +3 clients living in india

Rohit is 18 years old and form India. He always felt like he was in the shadow of his brother, so his goal was to hit $10k/mo so they could finally work together and stand on equal footing. At first he struggled with outreaching to other countries, but believed in himself and took relentless action. He hasn’t reached his goal yet, but is working with 3 clients and scaling is scaling everyday.

Syanna Gardner: 1st client in 7 days

Syanna is a 17 year old from Canada. She started her agency deep into exams, but didn’t make any excuses and found time to do outreach. She booked 3 meets and signed her first client in 1 week. She continues to scale while managing school.

JULIEN LA PLANTE: +9 clients in 2 months

Julien is 18 years old and from Canada. Grinding out of a dorm room, his goal is to eat out the 7 figure agency leading his niche. He struggled with cold calling and felt stuck. After joining the accelerator, he has signed 10 clients in 60 days.

Mohammad Javadi: Signed client at 13

Mohammad is a 13 year old from India. He wanted to see success like everyone he saw on youtube, but didn’t know if it was possible. After having a belief change, he never made excuses for his age or where he’s from and signed is first client after 1 month of work.Y

Ali Cinar: Signed 3 clients at 14

Ali is a 14 year old from Turkey. Wanting to support his family, he decided to learn English and start his online business. He went 3 months grinding without seeing ANY results, but after transitioning his offer he signed 3 paying clients in 2 weeks.

Angus r: 0-7 clients in 10 days

"Yo Dylan i checked my bank statement and i actually signed up to the fcc 12 days ago, and i signed my last client 2 days ago. Meaning i got 7 clients in 10 days.

Feel free to leverage this as a case study to get yourself more members into the FCC and i'm not doing this to promote me or anything like don't even say anything about me i just think the statement “A 15 year old went from 0 - 7 clients in 10 days from the FCC” would be helpful so feel free to use it"

- Angus

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