Accountability Deposit

Terms & Conditions

In order to take part in Relentless Success Club's 30 Days To First Or Next Client Challenge, you are required to place a $100 accountability deposit in order to guarantee your success.

Why Do I Have To Deposit $100?

The Relentless Success Club and it's coaches are volunteering to dedicate their time, effort, and energy to guarantee you get your first client (despite having 100's of our own). Because of this, we are only willing to work with people at such an intensive level if they truly want to succeed and believe in themselves.

If someone doesn't believe in themselves enough to place a $100 deposit down, we can't expect that they are going to take action and it is believed that they are likely going to waste our time together.

To put it simply, the $100 deposit is our way of knowing that you are serious about your success, not just on a "motivational high".

And to those who "get it", and are willing to bet on themselves, Relentless Success Club is going to do whatever it takes to make you the next big success story.

How It Works?

Within the First Or Next Client Challenge, there are 5 levels to be completed:

1) Niche, Service Delivery, and Offer selection
2) Profile Set Up
3) Prospecting
4) Setting Appointments
5) Closing Appointments

Each level requires you to take certain action steps and submit it to a coach before being granted access to the next level.

What happens when I'm done?

You are eligible to receive your deposit back via the payment method provided once you have:
- Followed instructions provided by RSC
- Completed course material
- Attended coaching calls
- Put forth a fair and reasonable effort within 30 days
- Signed a paid client

Next Steps:

1) Place Deposit
2) Receive onboarding email
3) Join the private discord
4) Get lifetime access to course
5) Get added to weekly LIVE coaching calls